show me the meaning of being.... drowning??!

So many words for the broken heart
It's hard to see in a crimson love

So hard to breathe
Walk with me, and maybe...

Nights to light should soon become
Wild and free, I could feel the sun.
Your every wish
Will be done.
They tell me...

Show me the meaning of being lonely
Is this the feeling I need to walk with?
Tell me why 
I can't be there where you are?
There's something missing in the heart

Life goes on 'cause it never ends
Eyes of stone observe the trends
They never say forever gaze if only
Guilty roads to an endless love
There's no control
Are you with me now?
Your every wish will be done
Then tell me 

There's nowhere to run
I have no place to go
Surrender my heart, body and soul

How can it be you're asking me to feel 

The things you never show?

You are missing in my heart
Tell me why 
I cannot be there where you are

Don't pretend you're sorry
I know you're not
You know you got the power to make me weak inside
And girl you leave me breathless
Cause you are my survival
Now hear me say...

I can't imagine life without your love
And even forever don't seem like long enough

'Cause everytime I breathe I take you in
And my heart beats again
Baby I can't help it
You keep me drowning in your love
Everytime I try to rise above
I'm swept away by love
Baby I can't help it
You keep me drowning in your love

Maybe I'm a drifter
maybe not
Cause I have known the safety of floating freely in your arms
I don't need another lifeline
It's not for me
Cause only you can save me
Oh, can't you see?
Go on and pull me under
Cover me with dreams
Love me mouth to mouth now
You know I can't resist
Cause you're the air that I breathe..

*nice song rite? hah ha.. *


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