jangan salah tafsir

aku kadang-kadang bila aku buat-buat pekak terhadap satu isu tu bukan sebab ape.
cuma takmau dengar. sbb, taktau mcm mana nak tolong plus dah taktau nak buat ape.
yes, you can come and find me.

i'll listen to you.
but i'll be very frustrated if u can't do what i'm saying.

u'r asking for mu opinion, but then when i give it, u r fail to follow it.

 its never mind.

it will be seriously NEVER MIND.

 its okay for me.

but, dont come again and ask me to hear you if you didnt able yet to follow my advise.
the same advise.

i'll not repeat it for sooooooooooooooooooooo many times :)

no. it is not neglecting you.
i'm not mad of you.

i'm just giving you some space to THINK :)

okay ??

take care :)


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